Dylan the Cat

February 21, 2019

Dylan Has Aids

Will he ever find his forever-home?

Where we found him:

Little Dylan is the stray kitten who scurried into the barbershop where Sofia happened to be getting a haircut. In a terrible state, Dylan was clearly in need of some TLC.

Taking him home:

Sofia decided to take him with her. Over the course of several weeks, she lovingly nursed him back to health and, in her hands Dylan has grown into the cuddliest of gentlemen. With luck, we had also found a nice home and before he was supposed to be handed over we did a routine blood test to make sure he was free of any potentially harmful dieseases or parasites.

The blood test results:

Dylan is clinically perfectly healthy,

Dylan is clinically perfectly healthy, but unfortunately it turned out he tested positive for Feline HIV. Even if he should never get sick, which is possible with good care, he will always be the carrier of the virus and can pass it on to other cats. (But Not Humans)

The search for a home continues:

So Dylan is looking for a home where he is either welcome as a single tomcat or where a second kitten lives, which also carries the virus. Does Dylan stand a chance? If you or someone you know might be in a position to offer this unlucky kitten a new lease on life, please get in touch or share this post online. Together we can find him his forever-home.

Together we can find him his forever-home!

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