Theo The Pug

February 21, 2019

Things are starting to look up for Theo the Pug

We never dared to hope, but things are starting to look for him.

Who would want an older, sick dog that has more issues than legs? We didn't have a lot of hope…. and surely we would never have thought that someone would care enough to make sure that Theo can breathe normally again.

But along came Katja Hupperz

Katja Hupperz contacted us and we learned everything from her about the work of her group SONNENSCHEINMÖPSE. They will be looking after Theo, with all his problems, and make sure that he receives all necessary medical attention, including an operation to cure his shortness of breath.
After 6 years of hell, Theo has finally hit the jackpot!

After 6 years of hell, someone has hit the jackpot!

We are infinitely grateful to Katja and her organisation!!

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